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SQLCell Part II: Beyond the Basics

555 minute read | Updated: 08-23-2017

Let’s dive deeper into the features of SQLCell. Last time we covered how to get started and some basic functionality.

SQLCell Part I: The Basics

11 minute read | Updated: 07-09-2017

This is a tool I wrote to execute multithreaded, parameterized SQL queries in a Jupyter notebook.

Meet Bot, Don King

2 minute read | Updated: 07-06-2017

Bot, Don King is an automatic Reddit promoter. A while back I was experimenting with trying to optimize my Reddit upvotes and the following is what materiali...


7 minute read | Updated: 07-01-2017

This tool is designed to keep track of all changes made to your models, and to track any metrics you want to run on your models. For example if you make many...